8 Amazing Apps to Find Someone's Location - Latest Guide

Is it precise to state that you are looking for an advantageous solution for your GPS area/territory sharing and following requirements? Need to know the whereabouts of your kids, colleagues, or family members? Your go-to fix is any dependable tracker application that grants you to check the persistent GPS area/region of your loved ones indirectly and even track your taken or lost convenient through the 'share GPS area/territory' elective. 

With an expansive extent of cell phone gadget GPS area/region tracker applications open for you to investigate these days, picking the right application can be to some degree overpowering. However, stress not! Today, we will give you a get-together of the eight best GPS area/region tracker applications for Android and iOS to find the one that suits you better, look at it in this blog entry. 

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Spyic is a champion among other iPhone GPS area/zone tracker applications that allows you to discover the whereabouts of your partner, kids, mates, peers, similarly as you find the contraptions set apart into your iCloud account. For GPS area/territory following, basically turn on the 'family sharing' feature in all the iPhones. 

If any person in your contact list doesn't have the GPS area/region sharing decision enabled, you can play a sound on their flexible. It is a verifiable free application for the iPhone, which, as of now, has three tabs, i.e., People, Devices, and Me. The iPhone GPS area/territory following application can moreover help you discover your Apple contraption whether or not it is disengaged. 

  • Noteworthy features of the Spyic tracker application: 
  • Remotely erase the substance and settings of a device; 
  • Give driving heading to device GPS area/territory; 
  • Battery charge marker; 
  • Indirectly lock the contraption with a secret word, and that is only the start. 
  • Download this GPS area/territory tracker application for iOS 


Spyier is a renowned iPhone and Android family tracker. It outfits a way to deal with remain related with your loved ones and stay revived about their whereabouts. It consolidates a ceaseless GPS tracker for PDAs, GPS area/region history, geo-fencing, contact list noticing, and an alert catch for the kids or old family members to show emergencies. 

  • Striking features of the Spyier application, a GPS area/region following application: 
  • Screen sent/got texts; 
  • Scrutinize educating applications; 
  • Restrict moving toward calls; 
  • Track the persistent GPS area/zone, and the sky's the cutoff from that point. 
  • Download this GPS area/region tracker application for iOS and Android. 


Minspy is certainly truly extraordinary and the most renowned family GPS area/territory following iPhone and Android versatile applications. With a continuous 'share GPS area/zone' included, it has gotten fundamentally more definite and dependable as the accompanying application. It has a straightforward interface and a great deal of decisions to re-try the consistent GPS area/territory following necessities. 

  • Specific features of the GPS area/territory tracker application, Minspy application: 
  • Ceaseless ETAs and traffic conditions; 
  • Ride-share with steady travel data; 
  • Customized rerouting reliant on live traffic; 
  • Indoor aides travel quickly, and the sky's the breaking point from that point. 
  • Download this GPS area/region tracker application for iOS and Android. 


With Spyine, you can benefit by geo-fencing, sharp parental control setting, application blocker, and web filtering, GPS area/region following, web isolating, screen time control, and emergency alerts. Using geofencing, you can make your own changed virtual prosperity zones like your youngster's school or your grandparent's middle on their PDAs. 

  • Conspicuous features of the accompanying application, for Android and iPhone Spyine application: 
  • Track ill-advised substance in kids' electronic media applications; 
  • Constant alerts to signs of implosion, cyberbullying, and grown-up substance 
  • Versatile reprimand expressions including; 
  • Ceaseless alerts about perceived photos, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. 
  • Download this GPS area/territory tracker application for iOS and Android. 


Neatspy is a champion among different GPS area/territory tracker applications that is trustworthy and simple to utilize. The cell phone gadget application gives you a wise and clear way to deal with screen your kid's GPS area/region or keeps a be careful with your partner's whereabouts logically. 

  • Striking features of the best GPS area/territory tracker application, Neatspy application: 
  • The decision to make private social occasions called "Circles;" 
  • Steady GPS area/zone of Circle Members; 
  • Tracks GPS area/territory of taken or lost cell phone gadgets; 
  • A singular push relates the customer to a specialist through a cell phone gadget, and that is just a hint of something larger. 
  • Download this GPS area/region tracker application for iOS and Android. 


Is it precise to state that you are looking for an in all cases advantageous Android and iPhone tracker with a straightforward interface? If for sure, by then, better present Clickfree. The remote GPS area/region tracker application is the ideal response for the GPS area/region sharing and following necessities. 

It offers a wide extent of features, for example, geo-fencing, consistent GPS area/region following objective devices, an electronic interface that you can remotely get to, secretiveness mode, and induction to your online media deals with, etc. You can get some answers concerning the goal device's past GPS area/regions, call logs, keylogger, and contacts with no issue. 

With a remarkable game plan starting at an extremely moderate value, this is the most reliable application to remain related with your mates and loved ones. 

  • Remarkable features of the GPS area/region share application Clickfree application: 
  • Geo-divider checking; 
  • Call logs checking; 
  • Agent following; 
  • Mystery basic boss and that is just a glimpse of something larger. 
  • Download this GPS area/territory tracker application for iOS and Android. 


FoneMoniter is among the most popular GPS area/zone following applications. It has been simply expected to bring to the table the progressing following. Notwithstanding the way that it avoids clandestineness mode, it incorporates an extent of various functionalities, for instance, GPS area/zone imparting to no downloads, second alerts, course choices, geo-fencing, and in-application illuminating. 

This iOS and Android GPS area/territory following application moreover allows you to actually slaughter on/off the GPS area/zone following and supports cross-stage GPS area/zone sharing. 

Remarkable features of the PDA GPS area/zone tracker application, FoneMonitor GPS area/zone share application: 

  • GPS area/region sharing persistently with a unique guide; 
  • Direct emergency or crisis associates; 
  • Outfit a consideration notice with ETA; 
  • No sign-up required to say the very least. 
  • Download this GPS area/zone tracker application for iOS and Android. 


TeenSafe is an inventive, easy to use the accompanying application for Android, Windows, and Mac OS X. With a retail cost that is moderate for one contraption, singular use), the application comes squeezed with various eminent features like second alerts, geofencing, an electronic dashboard, and recording of texts and calls. 

You can moreover join it with various applications, for instance, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber. Basically turn on the family sharing part in the application and use the parental control settings to begin checking your kid's activity or following their GPS area/zones when required. 

  • Astounding features of the Android GPS area/region following application, TeenSafe application: 
  • Remain absolutely impalpable; 
  • Message following; 
  • GPS compact tracker; 
  • Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp follow, and that is only the start. 
  • Download this GPS area/zone tracker application for Android and iPhones 
  • Frenzied Recommendation. 


Prior to using these recently referenced applications, we ought to understand the risk related to the GPS area/territory following applications. We have picked these after applications subject to the customer overviews and assessments. Moreover, we have considered the solace and moderateness of these applications. 

All the applications consolidate a total bunch of spying highlights that club various features of parental control applications. Immense quantities of the tracker applications referred to in this article are free, and others have participation plans. The enrollment plans shift and are curated as per the features.